Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Reading Fun!

My favorite thing about summer growing up was always the local library's Summer Reading Program. Nothing beat sitting on sun-warmed grass listening to a storybook read to you out in circle-time, just before we rented our selections for the week.

In a move highly reminiscent of that, my friend Dennis Sharpe is having a summer giveaway to show appreciation for his readers and fans. You can check out the details here. Be sure to enter as many ways as you can, and good luck to you all!


  1. I can remember visiting the local library each summer every few days to return books and check out more often lamenting having to obey they're limit of quantity of books checked out. Although I often quite enjoyed the looks one would receive returning said books before the hunt began anew for fresh material to consume. Unfortunately I somehow ran into the chasm that is running out of appealing material. Perhaps someday our local library can manage to expand it's repertoire further.

    I do so miss thought the atmosphere of it's original location. Don't you? lol

  2. I am always sad they moved it. And it has been ages since I've ventured out to where it once stood...