Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Writing and Rainpocalypse.

Now that I've finally caught up on Daedaleus' blog, Silver Pen Scribe, it seems like a good time to update my own. I mean, I can't let him hog all the glory, and he has hit a fair number of posts lately. As I've been too busy to think lately, writing seems a good substitute. (I'm sure there are at least seven good author jokes in there.)

I have, through recent rainpocalyptic events, been staying with friends recently. I didn't make it home in time for Mother's Day, which upsets me, but I'm working on salvaging my mother's computer from the scrap heap. Perhaps that is gift enough to last me until my dear mother's birthday, when I will once again have to scramble like a madman on a newsie's salary to find something she'll enjoy.

The rain finally let up slightly, which is a great relief; It means I can put away the canoe blueprints as a means of grocery shopping. It got relatively bad there for a bit, though. Paducah was seeing record highs, and the creek down the way from my friends' home was lapping over the tops of the bridge nearly daily. After a visit from a few of our friends, we had to make a midnight run to the other side of knee-deep water to help them move their car away from the rising fury. Obligatory joke that starts with "So Jesus, the Devil, and a Hippie try to move a car..."

I ran my first "real" adventure the other day. I've DM'd in the past, but never with a set module. I'm prone to improvisation behind the screen, and oftentimes it leaves my players with a wonderful story, but few records as to the mechanics of their accomplishments. It isn't uncommon at all for me to eschew dice rolls except to appease them, seeing if they can think and role-pay their way out of problems. I decided it was time to be a real DM, though, and make the dice count. I chose the Pathfinder system, and found a suitable adventure for my players, who had expressed an interest in a full, level 1+ campaign experience. They are, by and large, inexperienced--we all are. Sure, most of my gaming group (which is actually two gaming groups that occasionally intersect) know how to play well enough to get by, but we tend to have short, one-off adventures, and never get to really spend time with our characters. Because of that, we never get to see progressions as well as we'd like, and I sought to change that. According to word-of-mouth and my Twitter mentions, I'm doing a decent job so far. I can only hope they have as much fun playing under me as I have playing under the evil-DM-grin of Daedaleus.

Speaking of which, old friend, if you're reading this we were compared to the Inklings the other day. I was told that it sounds as though my friends "share [my] immense imagination, knack for storytelling, penchant for writing, and generally awesome worldview." They went on to talk about how it seemed we collaborate and correspond on our various literary adventures (along with other friends), and it seemed like the Jackson Purchase area was due for a few dozen of our amazingly-thought-out plots to hit shelves. I was flattered to the point of near speechless-ness (which, if any of you know me, that is a helluva feat), but managed to squeak out that perhaps we were more like The Lovecraft Circle, in that we're mostly all verbose and mad, but whichever works.

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